The Secrets Professional Home Stagers Use to Help Sell Homes

As Revealed by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals

Keeping your home in pristine condition, and moving out every time a potential buyer wants to check the property, can be tiring—especially if your home takes a long time to sell. You may wonder what makes the process easier for most real estate agents. Their homes seem to sell quite fast and for more money.

The reasons might be several, but one thing is certain; most real estate experts have mastered the art of increasing the perceived value of a home while influencing the potential buyer’s feelings, so they fall in love with the home. Through home staging, real estate experts can make potential buyers love a home, creating a desire to live in the house even before buying it. 

With this feeling, it’s easier for these purchasers to overlook the property’s faults and commit without considering the competing listings in the neighborhood. Here’s how staging can unlock all the hidden potentials of a home selling process.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging, in simple terms, refers to all the activities sellers take to make their homes more appealing to the buyer. It includes all the tasks geared toward making the house more attractive to the buyer and helping them to visualize themselves staying in the property in the future.

Professional Home Stagers have experience in understanding what works for the demographic buyers. Thus, it’s easier for them to stage the home in a way that works for the buyer. 

Here are the secrets that make them more successful and profitable in selling homes.

1. They Understand the Power of First Impression and Leave Nothing to Chance

Staging allows homes to sell much faster and draw in more profits. According to a report, 80% of potential home buyers decide whether they want to buy a home or not during the first few seconds of seeing a home.

This effect can occur anywhere, especially on the pictures of your home available on the MLS listing. Knowing this fact, experienced real estate agents do everything possible to ensure that the homes they sell will impress their potential buyers at first glance. 

That way, a potential buyer falls in love with the space before the physical inspection process. After piquing the buyer’s interest, it’s easier for them to overlook faults and purchase the home at a higher price.

2. Professional Home Stagers Discourage the Low-Ball Offers

No one wants to sell at a price below their margin. However, sometimes, home sellers fall for this low offer, especially when the listing gets stale. But, real estate agents know how to use staging to deter low-ball offers.

According to most real estate professionals (sellers’ and buyers’ agents included), home staging positively influences home buyers. If done well, staging a home can subtly nudge a buyer to pay higher for a home or limit the days the property spends in the market. Staging a home gets everything to the best shape, and you probably won’t need to lower your margin to make a sale. 

3. Professional Home Stagers Make Good Use of Every Space

Staging makes every room and space valuable for your buyer. If you do it perfectly, you help your buyer visualize how well it would feel living in your area. According to a report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), non-staged homes take longer to sell than their staged counterparts. And when they do, they do it at a lower price than the staged houses.

Real estate agents understand this fact and want to ensure that the buyer falls in love with every space and room of the home at first sight. They turn all the redundant rooms into functional spaces that buyers want. For example, they include the right size of furniture in large areas to make them less overwhelming.

In a world where most people consider working from home, professional real estate agents understand the need to turn that boxy room into a home office. The deal is to appeal to the buyer and think of their comfort and functionality as much as possible.

4. Professional Home Stagers Understand What Spaces are more critical to the buyer and Give them the Most Attention

Experienced real estate agents understand that staging is essential, but its convenience depends on how you strategize the whole process. While the entire house requires staging, some rooms are often more critical to the buyer than others.

Thus, these real estate agents focus more on the spaces that mean much to their buyers. While you want to improve everything, giving special attention to the main bedroom, kitchen, and living room is often the most effective at creating the perfect lifestyle picture for your potential buyer.

5. Professional Home Stagers Understand the Current Trends and include them in their staging

Success doesn’t only lie in making the house stand out or painting the perfect lifestyle picture. It depends on how you make every element count and be beneficial to the overall aim of the staging process, pique interest, and help the home sell faster and at a profit.

Experienced agents understand what kitchen improvements to include, the type of paint that will be more useful, and what plants meet buyers’ expectations in the category. Also, they understand how much attention arts can draw and hire the best pieces to make every step worth the count.

Final Thoughts

Home staging is an integral part of the home selling process, whether in a buyers’ or sellers’ market. It helps create a compelling image in your buyer’s minds and pique their interest in turning your property into their future home.

Staging a home may feel overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, don’t gamble with the whole process. Luxe Home Staging and Design Inc. has the professionals you need to get the process right at a first stab. Click here to talk to us and see our potential of what we can do for you.


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